Our Inspectors have been Instructors at major Universities teaching 20 Wastewater courses leading them to become experts in Mold Certification and Testing.

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    The visual inspection for the area outside of the property

    When the inspector arrives at the property location, he performs a thorough visual inspection of the property. The visual inspection for the area outside of the property consists of:

    • Inspecting the foundation of the property for cracks
    • Inspecting any cracks on the property itself
    • Inspecting the grading of the property
    • Inspecting the drainage spouts and making sure they draining away from the house
    • Inspect sprinklers, if applicable, to ensure they are not spraying on the house
    • Inspect shrubbery to ensure they have adequate spacing from them to the foundation
    • Inspect windows and doors to ensure proper caulking and sealing
    • Inspect roofing for missing or damaged shingles
    • Inspect house or dwelling for visible water damage or staining of building materials which could lead to possible inside water intrusion

    The visual inspection for the area inside of the property

    • Inspecting all areas inside the property or (only areas the client allocates)
    • Inspecting each wall from ceiling to flooring
    • Inspecting the HVAC system, including coils, supply and return vents as well as visible duct work.
    • Inspecting all areas with moisture meters, temperature, and humidity readings.

    Mold Testing Service

    The inspector will take samples of the mold, airborne or surface and send them to a professional CERTIFIED laboratory. Tape/Bulk/Swab (taking samples of the visible mold):

    • Air Sample (taking non-visible air spores)
    • Tape sample
    • Sterilized Swab
    • Inner Wall Air Sample if no visible mold is present and moisture readings are high
    Also available at additional cost:
    • Viable sampling ( used for culturing to determine exact species of growth ) The laboratory results will take approximately 24 to 72 hours. When the results are given to Mold Institute USA, we immediately complete a full detailed report and hand deliver a copy of the results to the client with a letter explaining what molds were found.

    Residential Pricing

    Basic Inspection price with 3 samples included! (up to 2000 sq feet) = Call for pricing
    Prices are based on clients request for analysis turn around time and the number of samples needed. Most common is 72 hour turn around time. Where as the culture samples are 14 day turn around time.

    **NOTE** Culture samples cannot be any faster, they require 14 day growth time for accuracy.


    Pricing available by bids only. The inspector will have to do a FREE visual preliminary inspection to calculate the size of the dwelling, the amount of samples that will be required, and possibly the amount of employees needed to complete the job in a timely manner. (In most cases, only one inspector is ever required.)