Choose us for water testing services

Do you know what's in your water? Untested water could be contaminated by mold, viruses and bacteria. Pick Environmental Inspection and Testing when you need water testing services. We can test wells, sinks and other sources of water.

If your property uses a well, regular testing is necessary. Don't risk getting sick when you can rely on experts to test your water. You can expect an accurate result from your test.

Contact us today if you need testing services.

    When should you get water testing services?

    Testing will protect you from potentially hazardous drinking water. You'll need water testing services if:

    • You're moving into a property
    • You're getting a home inspection
    • You're connecting a water source to a new building
    If we find any contamination, we'll make suggestions about how to proceed. Call us today at 337-786-4664 if you have any questions about our services.